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Hello fans! There is a lot happening in the month of May. First, those of you who haven’t downloaded the beta version of our game, Of Mages & Pages, should do so soon. The date for our full-version release is fast approaching, and we would like to hear your likes and dislikes about the beta so we may add to the list of improvements that will be in the next release. 3twins will also be submitting a video to Kickstarter (release date to be announced), so tell your friends and family and spread the word: Of Mages & Pages is currently free at your device’s Google Play store. Finally, the third major thing we are working on for the month of May is the launch of our updated website!

~Michael Lude

Hatman 10th Anniversary Update

Issue 50 sketch preview

It’s always tough to have to move back a deadline, but it happens all the time and for all sorts of reasons. The 10th anniversary of Hatman & Indigo is this coming Wednesday, May 4th. We had hoped to bring you an all new 50th Issue by then, but it’s just not finished yet. However, this Wednesday we will re-release Issue #40, which is one of the lost Hatman issues, Part 1 of the Beakman Saga, and the first of many new and rediscovered Hatman adventures that we will be rolling out in 2016!

As consolation for moving the release of Issue #50, I am including a preview sketch of the first page of that story as the featured image to this post.40 H&I Superheroes sm

Also, be on the lookout for more exciting news in the very near future concerning our Android game: Of Mages & Pages: Teento’s Revenge!


Shakespeare at 400


Saturday was the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare, as well as his birthday. The Bard has become part of our culture. Everyone knows of the star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet, the tragic prince Hamlet, the villainous Richard III, and the hysterical mix-ups of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, even if they’ve never seen the plays.

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It is no surprise that Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is raising the roof off video game forums far and wide. It is the culmination of the adventures of Nathan Drake, treasure hunter and lady killer. Fans are wondering, though, if this is really the end of our hero and his band of eccentric cohorts.

Naughty Dog, a company established in 1984, was primarily known for its Jak and Daxter platform game collection. Then, in 2005, under the direction of Amy Hennig, Naughty Dog decided to take a whole different spin on its game production. The company was looking for something action-packed, suspenseful, with a unique story, and loosely based on fact. The result was Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune in 2007.

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If I Could Be a Fictional Character: Part One


Have you ever thought about who—or what—you would want to be if you could be any fictional character from a cartoon, comic book, comic strip, game, animated movie, or a literary work? Well, I have. But then, at my age (No, I’m not telling) I tend to wake up quite often during the night, lie in bed, and think about things ranging from the mundane to the sublime to the fanciful to the weird.

Anyway, the other night as I lay there watching moon-cast shadows dance around the room, I contemplated this perplexing question and eventually arrived at an answer. Not that it was easy. Nothing so profound ever is. Read more

The Zivonian Choice

Space Galaxy TextureThe town looked deserted as the ship careened overhead. The crew of the UEC Judicium had been placed in cryogenic sleep. They were not to be awakened until they reached their destination, the planet Zivonia. It was a cold journey with nothing but their own unconscious dreams to keep them company. They hadn’t reached their intended destination, but the ship’s artificial intelligence computer, affectionately named Al by the crew, started the reviving process. The ship had been damaged and was rapidly descending through the sky of an unknown planet. A crash landing was imminent.

Al was unable to revive the crew completely before the ship smashed into the surface of the planet. The ship lurched before skipping into the air, then thudding back to the surface. It skipped twice more, each time digging deeper into the ground. As the ship tore a crevice into the planet’s soft soil, the soil’s rocks tore the ship’s outer hull into countless clones of its new self. The ship would never fly again.

Ron Chapman awoke with a start. His dark blond hair moved as he inhaled the air surrounding him to warm his lungs. His senses were slowly coming back as he looked through the frosted glass of his cryo-bed. He could smell the acrid stench of death mixed with the aroma of smoke. He wasn’t sure what had happened, but he knew things hadn’t gone as planned.

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A Short Time Now in a Galaxy Very Near You…

©Lucasfilm 2016

When I walked out of Star Wars:The Force Awakens last year, I quipped to my wife, “I waited 32 years for this movie, and it was worth it.” Thirty-two years! If my waiting around for Episode 7 was a person, it would be old enough to have kids, a mortgage, and possibly even have paid off its student loans!

When Disney acquired Lucasfilm, they realized that they needed NOT to drag their feet when it came to releasing new Star Wars films. With advances in technology they had no excuse to do that; and, besides, they’ve got a cash maker in this franchise so there’s no reason to let it sit idle.

The trailer to Rogue One: A Star Wars Tale was released this past Thursday. So what is a Star Wars Tale exactly? Simply stated, it’s a story-within-a-story. Taking a page from one of their other properties, Marvel, the folks at Disney are telling stories set in the Star Wars universe that are part of the larger story-arc of the main story. It’s not only good business, it’s also a great way to tell a story and keep us interested!

Rogue One arrives this holiday season. I like to think it’s a gift to the fans saying, “Sorry it took so long the last time; here’s something to hold you over until next year when Episode 8 comes out”.

You can check out the official teaser trailer here:

Happiness Is Like a Butterfly


According to Webster’s, the word “happiness” means a state of contentment, joy, or pleasure. Moreover, there can be varying degrees of happiness, some more intense and, therefore, more delightful and satisfying than others. Yet, regardless of its level of intensity, I think we can agree that happiness is preferable to unhappiness, and it’s something we all strive to experience as much as possible. After all, everyone wants to be happy. I certainly do. Yet, it seems that many of us are unhappy more often than not, and the question is “why?” Read more

Ion Bunny in Beakman Saga

BM3 P14-3 sm(Ion Bunny)

Greetings Hatman fans!

As part of my continuing coverage of our 10th Anniversary of The Adventures of Hatman & Indigo. I’m bringing you more sneak peeks into the upcoming release of our Hatman & Indigo Lost Issues: The Beakman Saga. Today I wanted to showcase everyone’s favorite adorable super-powered curmudgeon, Ion Bunny, who will be guest staring in that story!  What role will he play in helping (or hindering) Hatman to unravel the plot behind this mysterious new character, Beakman? Hit the jump to find out and see some work-in-progress art! Read more

SNES on 3DS (With a Catch)


Recently Nintendo announced that it will soon make titles from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES, available for digital purchase for the New 3DS via the Virtual Console on the Nintendo eShop.
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