In the Beginning: The First Video Games


I remember the first video game I ever played on a computer, though it really wasn’t much of game as games go by today’s standards; it was Solitaire. In case you’ve never heard of Solitaire, it’s a game played with a deck of 52 cards, and your goal is to get all of the cards in each suit and by rank, for example, the ace of hearts, followed by the king, queen, jack, 10, and so on. Read more

Fun with Wizards


Over the past year I have posted images of the 12 wizards of Midieville. We’ve had a lot of fun creating these characters. Steve Surine and I are in the process of writing their stories of origin, which will be featured in the companion book to our Of Mages & Pages games and the Midieville web-toonThe Magic Spellbook. We have written several of these already, fleshing out the various characters who form the Wizard Council, learning their unique personalities, and discovering their individual journeys to magic and what led them to join together to stop the evil sorceress, Iniquity, at the End of the Age of Kings/Dawn of the Age of Wizards.

Hit the jump to see some cool pics of wizards in action!
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Gaming–1990s IBM/Mac Edition


While I was watching YouTube videos on the more nostalgic aspects of gaming, I got to thinking about the computer games I played as a kid. I recalled a younger, much cuter version of myself going to the library and checking out computer games in large, bulky plastic boxes. These games had labels for whatever system they worked with–IBM or Mac (strange wording since IBM was the hardware, not the system, which was actually Microsoft)–a fact that, for some reason, has stuck in my mind. Fortunately, I also remember the games.

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Bob’s Burgers: King of Thanksgiving


If my last two posts have been any indication, I love holiday specials, particularly those of the animated variety. Thanksgiving specials, however, with some exceptions, tend to be inferior to their Halloween and Christmas counterparts. Whether dubbed “historical,” retelling the pilgrims’ story, or strange cash-ins like Thanksgiving in the Land of Oz, there are, in fact, a lot of terrible Thanksgiving specials. Read more

The Importance of the Frivolous…

Paris Guide Tower

This has not been a good week for our world. Evil has once again reared its ugly, vicious head, and once again we mourn for the broken and the fallen. Yet, life demands that we carry on with the mundane, the work-a-day, the minutia, even as the Earth teeters and tilts toward destruction, and those who would gleefully bring destruction down on all of our heads celebrate their vile short-lived victories. Our little lives seem so insignificant…and, still, here we are …designing games…. Read more

Why I Love Art!


Art truly defines itself as it describes one’s visual content or one’s skill and passion in any given profession, task, or endeavor. And this is never more true than in the world of gaming, where many different styles of art are often used to promote a video game of one consistent visual style. In other words, while a consistent visual style is recommended for products in the entertainment world of games, movies, comics etc., the artwork that promotes them can be adapted to hook any demographic. Read more

MST3K Kickstarter


By now, most of our 3twins fans who keep up with our blog are used to discussions about the other guys. Who are they? I’m so glad you asked! If you are of the rare breed that looks at the behind-the-scenes special features or watches interviews with your favorite movie makers, then you know that, typically, they are asked about their influences. That is one of the best features of the arts; you can build upon the efforts of others to further the effects and impact of entertainment. This post will share with you a major influence for many of us. There are many “other guys”, but today, we are talking about a specific group from a specific television show. For those “in the know”, this blog’s title will be obvious even if you weren’t aware of the event. For all others, bear with me and I’ll give you a brief update that should catch you up. The rest of you can skip ahead a few paragraphs. Go ahead, I won’t mind! Read more

More Witch Designs


Hey there, 3twins fans.

Seeing that tomorrow is Friday the 13th, I thought it might be prudent to share a few more witch design images with you. We’re continuing to explore the differences between the 12 types of witches and how they interact with one another.  The featured image to this post shows the orange coven, which consists of lunatics. Read more

Birth of the Female Superhero

Image from turner-d-century.tumblr.com499


The other day I got to thinking about when I was a little girl growing up back in rural Georgia and how, like most children, I loved comic books and some of my favorites were about superheroes. After all, what child doesn’t dream of possessing superpowers? Trust me, I was no exception. Then again, even now, these many years later, I still think it would be great to be able to change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel with my bare hands, and leap tall buildings in a single bound. Come on, admit it; don’t you? Read more

The Return of Harry Potter (Sorta)

"Fantastic beasts" by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia -

It would be safe to say that every American fan of the Harry Potter series has wondered at some point “What would the Wizarding World be like over here?” Read more